Local PGSQL Docker Utility

This is a small set of bash scripts to make it really simple to start, stop, connect and load scripts into a local postgres database. This uses docker, it sets up trust with the host so it can connect using the psql client. It also sets up a local volume in the directory which you launch the utility from which allows the container instances themselves to be transient but still giving you control to destroy the state when required.

June 17, 2020

Enumerating Github Repositories in Bash

I needed to get a list of all the repositories for a specific Github Organisation. Github limits the page size which you have use which ruled out a single call with a large value. I was also writing this routine in bash and less is more as they say. My approach was very simplistic in that it simply tried an incrementing value for next page and if the response was empty then the end of the list had been reached.

August 19, 2019