Creating a Simple Stress Test Tool in Go Part 13

Tue, Nov 5, 2019

Must output the statistics for Transaction rate (The number of requests per second) after the test run

For this requirement I have used the Meter type from the go-metrics package. The RateMean() function returns the value of the per second interval which is perfect for this requirement. I have updated the value by 1 each time a test completes.


There was not much benefit in trying to mock out anything for this one so I just relied on a single integration test which tested that the outputted value was something greater than 0. I could and should have written a test for this in the SurgeClient testt suite but I didn’t bother.

func TestOutputsAverageTransactionRate(t *testing.T) {
	file := utils.CreateTestFile([]string{
	defer os.Remove(file.Name())

	client := client.NewFakeHTTPClient()
	timer := utils.NewFakeTimer(1 * time.Minute)

	output, err := executeCommand(cmd.RootCmd, client, timer, "-u", file.Name(), "-n", "1", "-c", "1")

	assert.Nil(t, err)
	matched, err := regexp.Match(`Average Transaction Rate: [^0][\d]+ transactions/sec`, []byte(output))
	assert.Nil(t, err)
	assert.True(t, matched)

The actual output of the program at this point looks like the following (I did not have any server running hence the 0% availability)

Transactions: 10
Availability: 0%          
Elapsed Time: 176.813┬Ás                                         
Total Bytes Sent: 950 B                                                 
Total Bytes Received: 0 B                                
Average Response Time: 0.17251229999999998ms
Average Transaction Rate: 3105 transactions/sec